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These posts are a collection of my graphic art & photography class assignments and passion projects.

Adobe Photoshop Basic Edits Tutorial

Audio: Bensound

This was a rough assignment. I have never done video before, but I’ve wanted to for a long time. I decided now, with an assignment to create a video for my Casey Fern Design social media channels, was probably the best time to learn how to use Adobe Premiere. Like all Adobe programs, there was a learning curve. And again, like all Adobe programs, once I got over that learning curve, I was surprised at how simple Adobe Premiere is! There’s so much you can do with the Adobe Creative Suite if you are willing to put in the time and energy.

In creating this video, I found these tutorials most helpful: changing the font/titles on Adobe Premiere and exporting your video from Adobe Premiere.

Digital Imaging Top Five Images

This semester was a good one. I learned a lot, and I grew. My experiences shaped me in and outside the classroom. I really enjoyed and apprecaite the opportunity that I had to learn about photography. Here are my top five favorite images that I took from this semester. Help me decide which is fine-art-print worthy by commenting below!






Auxiliary lighting: flash

Macro Photography

This week in class we learned about and practiced macro photography. I was a bit frustrated in the beginning, because none of my pictures were turning out. They were all blurry. My teacher took note and taught me the trick. The key to macro photography is patience and timing. To get the best shots, set your camera to continuous shooting and take a lot of pictures.

Like Clockwork

Korean Duck

Water Party

Flower Drop

Bannack Ghost Town Fine Art

Montana Train Conductor

I prefer to classify this as a humanized fine art piece, but just in case, I’ve included an additional fine art photo in this collection. The pictures below were taken at Bannack State Park in Montana. The floor boards and the scroll were photographed in the Masonic church above the school house, and the other images were taken throughout the ghost town.


Floor Boards

Rule of Thirds


Wagon Chain

Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Portraits were my absolute favorite to photograph on this photoexcursion! Our class took turns photographing each person for about 15 minutes per group. There were only four others in my group, so we were able to split our time with the models pretty well.

Montana Campfire

Natural Lighting

Hotel Couple

Auxiliary lighting: strobe


Auxiliary lighting: flash

Modern School Teacher

Auxiliary lighting: flash

Montana Cowboy

Auxiliary lighting: flash

Montana Cowgirl

Auxiliary lighting: continuous

Landscape Perspective

Common Subject: Brick Walkway

I went for a nice stroll walked to class Monday morning through BYU-Idaho’s well-known Ricks Gardens. Keeping my eyes peeled for a unique object to photograph, I passed this richly colored, brick walkway. I turned back around to grab a few shots and ended up spending about 30 minutes taking pictures. Enjoy!

This angle was a bit awkward to capture. I decided to use this image for the Photoshop texture tutorial exercise. If you look closely, you’ll see I added a scratched texture to the forefront brick base. I’m not sure if I like this change, because the original image had a nice, dark base that I really admire. Here’s the orginal image below:

The angle of this creates an illusion, tricking the mind into thinking the walkway is a lot wider and maybe larger than it really is. The colors turned out really well in this image.

This image is my “bigger picture” image to show the actual size of the walkway in relation to its surroundings.

I REALLY love the texture in this image. I wish I had made the blurred cherry in the right-hand corner the focal point of this image. If I were to take it again, I would maybe move the cherry forward at the end of the brick so it would stand out.

I didn’t have anyone with me at the time, and I wasn’t quite in the mood to ask a stranger for help. So I found a flat rock to set the camera on, and I laid down flat on the ground. Worth it!

I thought this was a nice angle and really brought out the rich colors in the brick and foliage.

Also, there were pretty rocks lining the walkway–in case you didn’t notice.

I really like this picture, but it was difficult to decide what to make the horizon line. First I cropped the photo to line up with the first step; doing that completely threw off the picture, so I aligned the image with the horizon line where the grass meets the sky/trees.

Again, I really loved the brick’s rich reds and browns. Editing the photos was a bit time consuming, because I had to make sure each photo matched the same hue and saturation as the others.

Focus – Depth: Deep & Shallow


1/30/18, 2:10PM, Rexburg; FL: 126mm; f/22; 1/320 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T3i: Natural Lighting
1/30/18, 2:39PM, Rexburg; FL: 135mm; f/20; 1/50 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T3i: Natural Lighting


1/26/18, 10:07AM, Morro Bay; FL: 6.2mm; f/3; 1/200 sec; Digital Camera Samsung WB350F/WB351F/WB352F: Natural Lighting
1/30/18, 3:38PM, Rexburg; FL: 135mm; f/5.6; 1/500 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T3i: Natural Lighting

I was in California this weekend, so I was able to practice my photography skills a bit there. Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took in California did not fulfill the requirements for this week’s assignment. Each of these pictures were taken in or near Rexburg, Idaho except the crab pictures, which were taken in Morro Bay, California.